Building for the Future

JB has worked with both parties to enact the largest infrastructure improvement plan in state history and set up a clean energy future for Illinois — creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs throughout our state.

  • Launched the bipartisan Rebuild Illinois capital plan, the largest in state history, to rebuild roads, bridges, and schools while creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs
  • Took action on climate by putting the state on a path toward 100% clean energy while investing in training a diverse workforce for emerging clean energy industries
  • Positioned Illinois to be the best state in the nation to drive and manufacture an electric vehicle by providing incentives to electric vehicle manufacturers and electric vehicle rebates to consumers
  • Established two Manufacturing Training Academies to provide 21st century manufacturing training to downstate residents
  • Offered workforce and financial assistance to communities transitioning away from dirty energy
  • Launched Connect Illinois to expand broadband internet access across the entire state
  • Invested millions toward the Illinois Apprenticeship Program to expand innovative and high-quality apprenticeship programs that prepare Illinoisans for jobs in high-demand industries
  • Invested $200 million in the Quantum Exchange, a hub for researchers, to support breakthroughs in quantum information and science
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