Putting Illinois on the Path to Fiscal Health

Before JB became Governor, a dysfunctional Governor couldn’t even pass a budget for over two years — that meant services were cut, schools suffered, our credit rating was slashed, and families throughout the state paid the price for a governor who didn’t get the job done. Under JB’s leadership, Illinois is getting back on the right track, stabilizing our state’s finances and putting us on the path to fiscal stability.

  • Enacted four balanced budgets that invest in key priorities, including healthcare, education, and public safety, and pay down debts from the prior administration
  • Provided $1.8 billion in tax relief to working families, including eliminating the grocery tax for one year, freezing the gas tax increase for six months, and offering up to $300 property tax rebates per household
  • Eliminated the state’s nearly $17 billion bill backlog so Illinois is paying its bills on time and saving taxpayers money
  • Stabilized state finances, leading all three rating agencies to upgrade the state’s credit rating six times
  • Spearheaded efforts to improve transparency and accountability in government by mandating lobbyist disclosures and signing new ethics reforms into law
  • Consolidated 650 local pension plans to provide greater returns and save taxpayers money, accomplishing what previous governors and General Assemblies failed to do for decades
  • Reduced state pension liabilities by fully funding pension contributions, going above and beyond with payments, and expanding the employee pension buyout program
  • Closed $655 million per year in corporate loopholes
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