Standing Up for Women and Families

From preserving the right to choose to fighting to keep families together, JB has worked to support women and families across Illinois.

  • Enshrined reproductive rights in state law, protecting the freedom of choice from the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Required abortions to be treated like any other medical procedure for insurance purposes
  • Expanded access to birth control, making Illinois the second state in the Midwest to require that birth control be made available through pharmacists and without a doctor’s visit
  • Expanded health care for children and pregnant women
  • Enhanced protections for domestic violence survivors from retaliation by their abusers and provided funding to domestic violence shelters across the state
  • Signed comprehensive legislation to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace and protect victims who come forward
  • Strengthened the Illinois Equal Pay Act to ensure equal pay for equal work
  • Awarded the first de novo charter in 10 years to a unique, nation-first bank operated and owned by women, focused on lifting up women-owned small businesses
  • Raised minimum teacher salaries and strengthened the pipeline for recruitment of new educators
  • Increased death benefits for families of fallen first responders
  • Protected immigrant families by standing up to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies
  • Eliminated the years-long backlog of rape kit evidence to deliver justice to victims more quickly
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