“ObamaCare Signups Surge” in Spite of Trump and Rauner’s Sabotage Efforts

JB Continues Promoting Healthcare.gov Statewide


Chicago, IL – Despite Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner’s attempts to sabotage the ACA, health insurance enrollment is surging. Signups are at record-breaking levels even though Trump cut the enrollment period by half, slashed advertising by 90 percent, and Bruce Rauner has remained silent seven days into the shortened enrollment period.

Meanwhile, JB Pritzker continues his statewide radio and digital advertising campaign to promote healthcare.gov, which inspired a Florida gubernatorial candidate to launch a similar campaign.

“While record-breaking ACA signups are encouraging, Trump is still trying to dismantle our healthcare system in Illinois – and our governor is nowhere to be found,” said Pritzker campaign spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. “It’s time we had a governor who helps Illinoisans get covered, not one who stays on the sidelines while Trump continues his heartless attacks.”



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