Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia Endorses JB Pritzker for Governor

Chicago, IL — The day before JB is set to host a Women’s Rights & Resist Lunch at the Chicago Cultural Center, City Clerk Anna Valencia endorsed him for governor. Valencia has been a staunch advocate for women’s rights and economic opportunity during her tenure as Chicago City Clerk.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Clerk Valencia,” said JB Pritzker. “Anna is a strong voice for women’s rights and economic opportunity here in Chicago and across the state. As governor, I will work with leaders like Anna to protect a woman’s right to choose, support women and minority-owned small businesses, and work to close the gender pay gap. We will also fight the hateful attacks we’re seeing from the Trump and Rauner administrations. Bruce Rauner promised Illinois women he would fight for them, but then he threatened to veto HB 40 and surrounded himself with a team of extremists. We have work to do to clean up Rauner’s mess and I look forward to standing with leaders like Anna to get our state back on track and ensure women always have a seat at the table.”

“Equal pay and investing in small businesses aren’t just economic issues, they are women’s issues,” said Anna Valencia. “Whether it is preparing our state’s workforce for the 21st century or making sure schools across our state have fair and equal funding, JB has what it takes to address these issues head on. I am proud to support JB for governor and to fight alongside him for the future of Illinois.”


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